Eph 2:10 have you wonder why in life certain people emerge victorious and while others lived like failures, while others are celebrating
DESTINY-: It means a predetermined future, Jer29:11 predetermined by who God.
1. Every man was born for a reason, those who serve the great or the great. Look around we are benefitting from solutions provided.
2. Your destiny has been predetermined by God its not ambition. Ambition is a craving for what you want to become. When you find your place in destiny that is where your blessing and relevance his. When you hear certain names they are associated with greatness mike mudouk, bishop Oyedepo, bill graham, Lam3:27 pay the price now not when you don’t have the strength again.
1. EXCUSES (EPH 2:10) we live in a world where many people believe their success depends on others and not them, Prov 20:4. The great In life have come out from all kinds of excuses. William season he had one eye he started the azusa street revival. Every successful man started somewhere, we are use to focusing on the result and not the sorry of great men. Great people are those who do what weak people didn’t do. Take responsibility for your life.

2. VIOLATING THE LAW OF PROCESS (MARK4:28) A lot of people have become failures in life because the do not understand the law of process, and Jesus GREW in wisdom and stature, as long as the earth remains SEED, TIME & HARVEST

1. You must be tried, tested and proven to be honored by God (Psalm 66:12), behind every glory there is a story. The favor of God will not violate the law of process. It takes time for true success to manifest.
PROCESS-: They are pathway to your destination.
1. Test your loyalty and commitment in fufilling destiny, if your survive the process you deserve the result.
2. Builds patience, there is no anointing or impartation for patience its known experiencially, there are somethings age can teach. Impatience has produces arm robbers, your patience would give you speed more than those that are rushing.
3. A process helps you to appreciate success and successful people. Celebrate greatness when enter its presence, because the great are those that have endured what you could not endure.
4. Process create a memory that helps you sustain success when it comes. David was anointed king but he grew into the throne, he was a shepherd, played strings, armor bearer then king. Never covet a mans result if you don’t covet his history.
1. Determination-: Be determined to succeed it’s a resolvation, every enviable destiny you see including your own. You will loose somethings to get to your destination.
2. Go for information, your destiny would not open up automatically. Daniel said I understood by books. Two ways to learn in life 1. Mentors 2. Mistake study their story what do they do that open the heavens for them, Prov 4:7 God for wisdom go for understanding. Don’t be ashamed of the process its for a while. We invest heavily in books.
3. Spend time praying for your destiny, if you get to your destiny without praying you are dreaming. Your destiny does not open automatically, get a book and polish yourself.
4. Be disciplined and focused, you are in every group association and you don’t know where your going. For instance if God has called you into ministry that is the end to ordinary life, you will live a life of sacrifice. Now is not the time of visiting everybody, settle down with your destiny, be composed, package yourself as a leader you can’t do everything. Don’t just collect money or eat anywhere anyhow. Many are leveraging on the success of others.
5. Embrace a life of competence, be excellent be competent and pharaoh sent for Joseph favor is when preparation meet opportunity.
Go back and find out your on earth first, many of you God has called you to wipe the tears of generation. I cried back then at ABU damp that the portal of destiny would be opening to me.

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