Basic needs of your partner must be met.

In all your getting WISDOM. There are important needs to take care in your partner in relationship for longertivity and stability


* HE NEED ADMIRATION AND RESPECT. learn to give your man the respect he need, don’t look down on him, don’t say his negative side, learn to admire him, praise him and respect him, let him his space

*HE NEEDS SEXUAL FULFILMENT. men loves sex generally, give to him mind you sex is advice after hand in marriages

*HE NEED HOME SUPPORT.when he’s back support him, he what peace most especially from the in-law side

*HE NEED ATTRACTIVE WOMAN.make yourself attractive to your man, make your hair, dress nice, keep fit, smell good, make your home attractive they love it

*HE NEED A COMPANION. Ladies stand for your man, make them feel honored advice them because they like a baby


* SHE NEEDS A SPIRTUAL LEADER. Ephesians 5:23-27. Man be a priest to your woman, stand in gap be high of knowledge, ladies are of clasess.

*SHE NEEDS AFFIRMATION AND APPRECIATION.ladies needs it they want to feel love, appreciate her and she glows mores

*SHE NEED ROMANCE AND sex is not as Paramount as it is to you in ladies, understand your partner give her affection make her feel loved and she flows along with you

*SHE NEED TO TALK INTIMACY WITH YOU. ladies are wired to talk, if you can’t enjoy it endure it they need it, ladies express their feelings and emotions by talking and she need you to be there. It must be met

*SHE NEED OPENNESS AND HONESTY. Guy don’t keep secret with your partner, she hate it WHY, she need someone yo trust and rely on so be honest and be open

*SHE NEED YOU TO PROVIDE FOR HER. give her what she needs, show a sign of concise if not all but provide, surprise her with gift she love it

*SHE NEED YOU TO BE COMMITTED TO THE FAMILY.let her know how much you care for her and the entire family, perform your duties and she love you the more

PRAY TOGETHER. follow the basic needs and have a good result. That needs must be met.



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