1. The problem of sin, it causes power leakage ecc9:8, there is a connection between the garment been white and the oil.
2. Lost of spiritual exercise, the exercise that brought you into graces, unction is needed for the maintenance of that realm, whatever brought you into an experience and dimension is what you do to keep you 1king 17:1; Zech 4:12-13. If you want height you widen base.
3. Diversion of Gods glory, pride that was what cause Lucifer his throne Isa14:12-15 run away from premature contentment. Isa42:8, when get too angry when we are not recognized, or celebrated. Anything people would do to you that would make you look like a demi-god reject it, refuse it, it is a digging of the grave before your time. He denied himself of certain right and privileges to last long in power. May of us the way we preach is like I did all this and thank God, God was there to support. Don’t say things that would give you an ownership mentality, anytime they share testimony and it looks like they are glorifying you stand up and correct it.
4. Exhaustion by use, the more you use the oil the more it evaporate, oils useable Matt25:8. As you minister in the anointing of the holyghost. The engine oil in your car after use get short and after a while it get light, dark, its there but no longer fresh its there but no longer carries viscosity and viscosity means weight its there but no longer has weight, its not heavy anymore the things coming out of the oil is no longer weighty. Oil evaporate at very high temperature not at low temperature. When you are at the peak of fire when cancer, tumor, drug addiction and satanic altars are catching fire are disappercing, that is not when to relax.
5. Unfaithfulness to the calling, if you are a healing anointing its not for you to be celebrated but to pray for the sick because there is somebody who his healing is tied to your mantle. One thing about every call either an apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor or teacher is to reproduce your mantle. Faithfulness to your calling apart from ministering from that grace and reproduce your mantle, Because a man sows and multiplies. Every grace increases with use. Maybe you have a healing grace and its only headache your healing with time it would widen. If its prophetic and the only thing you have is perception, hearing and your not seeing with time seeing would come. Faithfulness would open up other areas just ensure your faithful in that one that is working.
6. Employing the anointing for other purpose Matt25:24-29, in this endtime there are people who will work with other people manltes on top of their own. Elijah the faithful prophet it looks like God gave all the prophetic unction for that generation, he was working like a spirit other use transportation he used transpiritation, be faithful your mantle would increase and you would get more from unfaithful men. The abuse of the anointing , whatever you abuse you lose. Any power that does not witness is not real or reveals Jesus or draw people to God is not real
1. Lose of impact and result, may you never come to the point in your life and your name is called and its with disdain or reproach.
2. Personal captivity and bondage, everytime use lose your unction your connected to chains ask Samson Judges16:21.
3. Life of shame and ridicule (Judges16:27)
4. Generational Captivity-: what happened to isarelite when Samson is in bondage, the flock is at the mercy of the wolves. The reason why you must not crash because destiny are tied to yours.
1. Connecting with the giver of the oil, Samson cried out.
2. By prophetic and mentoral impart something you lost can be recovered by mentoral impact.
3. Returning to original spiritual exercise.
4. Allow room for growth, it can’t grow back in one day.

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