Important Sex questions to ask each other before the Wedding

Sex is an expression of love in marriage, but your sex life would die faster if you both do not have good communication with each other, know what excites, angers, tires each other.
 What you consider overboard and below performance, also how your s ex life will be like when the kids start coming.
Here are a few important questions on sex you can ask each other:

What will you label as cheating?: People have different definitions for cheating. You both need to know what cheating means to each of you so you don’t cross that line in future after getting married.

 Do you think kids will affect our sex life?: Being a parent could distract you from that sexual intimacy with your spouse. It’s not an easy task combining work, spousal and parental duties together. You and your partner have to reach an agreement and develop a plan instead of waiting till everything is about to fall apart.
 How do you feel about pornography?: It’s important for couples to discuss how they feel about watching porn. As much as the discussion may sound awkward, it’s essential to get past the awkwardness so you don’t have issues with each other later. Porn destroys marriages and gives unrealistic images about sex, when one is addicted to such habit you won’t find pleasure in your spouse because it makes you compare your wife with porn actors.
 How often will you like to have sex?: While talking the frequency of sex in your marriage, it’s also necessary to discuss about your intimate needs and wants. It’s not every time your sex drive will be in sync with your partner’s and one of you is bound to feel guilty because of that. But you have to face the fact, there’ll always be a difference in your sex drives some days while other days may simply be magic.
What are your sexual fantasies like?: As much as couples may try to avoid this topic, every one has a sexual fantasy or two about their partners. You may be surprised how close you both will become after having this conversation. Be opened to your partner as regarding your past, it builds trust.

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