Major signs your woman would sleep around after marriage

Courtship is an important aspect of people’s lives. This is the time intending couples get to know each other and discover how compatible they are with their partners.

There are certain signs that would reveal the kind of marriage you would have. Same way you can guess if a man would be abusive in marriage, there are things men also watch out for in their women. These things would reveal if a woman would sleep around after marriage.


Most times, men often ignore these signs and claim to be blindly in love. Men are becoming sensitive to these issues and are starting to take note of the flaws they see in their girlfriends before they plan to walk down the aisle.

If the relationship is aimed at marriage, then it is very important for men to watch out for these signs in order to have a blissful marriage.

Here are some of the signs that say your woman would sleep around while you are married to her:

When she flirts with everyone


There is no doubt your woman would cheat on you after marriage when she enjoys gaining the attention of other men. A woman who flirts around would be quick to cheat on you the moment she gets an opportunity.

It is good for a woman to have traits of finesse and class; she should be able to comport herself while being married. If your woman gets easily carried away while in the company of other guys, then she would sleep around in marriage.

When you cannot satisfy her affections or feelings

This is a sure sign that your woman would sleep around in marriage. A woman who is hard and difficult to please Sexually would find the fulfillment elsewhere. Women like these use marriage as a cover up while they explore sleeping with other men.


 When she is secretive


A woman who has thousands of secrets to protect is not a good choice. Women like these believe they could do things in a coded manner and would play a fast one on their husbands. They are women who are capable of sleeping around in marriage and covering their tracks.


When she receives so many anonymous calls


There are some women who enjoy sticking their phones to their ears all day. They would get up and receive calls in toilets and corners so the men would not get to hear. A man whose fiancée receives too many calls when she is not a call center would no doubt sleep around.

A woman who has so many friends that she converses with would sleep around after marriage. Women like these are usually not trustworthy and the men would have a hard time keeping tabs on them.


 When she lives large


If your woman‘s standard of living is higher than yours, then there is a problem. A woman like would be difficult to please as you may end up spending everything you have on her. This may be fine if the love is there and there is mutual understanding.

The problem would start when you do not have the means to support her extravagant lifestyle. She would go ahead and sleep around with other men who can meet her financial needs.

 When she enjoys being psyched by other men

signs that show a woman would sleep around in marriage

There are some women who enjoy being in the company of other men. They enjoy hanging around them and have series of best friends that are men. They find it easy to confide in men like that. During moments that they are weak, they could become vulnerable and end up sleeping with the men they move around with

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