Signs that he doesn’t love you anymore
Marriage is about putting yourself in your spouse’s conditions and positions. When one party thinks only about himself or herself, the marriage will not last . Certain signs that shows your husband doesn’t love you anymore or that your marriage needs help. Many women end up ignoring these signs because they are used to being treated poorly.
 He compares you to other womenHe doesn’t respect you He doesn’t tell you where he’s going or where he’s been He controls your finances He says he owes you nothing

 He speaks poorly of you to others

 He restricts your freedom

 He lies to you

 He only sees your faults

 He ignores your emotions

 He shouts at you

 He humiliates you in private and in public

He ignores you

 He hides his cell phone

 He complains about everything you do

He avoids spending time with you

 He does not like your hobbies or friends

 He is rude to you

 He avoids talking to you

 He says you are lucky to have him and threatens to leave you

 He ignores his children

 He says he does not like your personality

 He has unpredictable behavior

 He always blames you

Open your eyes to these signs and work on them.

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