In this bible is the secret to longevity, in this bible is the secret to impact but that it is there it does not mean it would manifest it takes alignment. First and foremost is that I am interested I have found which was written of me in the volume of book to do thy will, when Jesus came there was a sense of Urgency unto us a child is born unto us a son is given. The concept of Sonship was that when a man said he was your son you have given him access to everything that made him, on the strength of that that child can be equal. When he wore this mortal body and came to the earth, At age 12 he was about the assignment he was going to confront intelligent people doctors of the law and he needed to pass through, he need to pass through the Hebraic and Judaic system. He needed to understand the whole roman structure and he subjected himself to the dealings and the trainings, at age 12 he came to understand the operations of the law although he came to abolish the law, sometimes to challenge the system you have to pass through the system not necessarily because you like the system, passing through the system means to access and challenge the system. He was taught the principles of carpentry so that no one would say he isn’t responsibility. Your degree of preparation tells on the result of that it. Our concept of success has been reduced to degrees. Some our lives are moving but its moving too slow so the solution is to sharpen the ark head.

Favor is when preparation meets opportunity, many gathered the world to come and watch their un preparedness. They never ask Jesus questions that connoted their desire to learn, they ask Jesus questions to ascertain the grantee of their future. When you see a great man don’t look at his crown look at his scars its deceit full, behind every crown if there are no scars run away from him. Stop closing your scars they would be your signs for greatness. Jesus today the hole of the nails has become a symbol of his royalty many people want manifestation without scar, in the school of greatness scars is your certificate. Elisha followed Elijah even when other prophet came to him and said do you know the lord is taking your master he said I know but hold your peace. They were watching as he was going extra mile with Elijah, when they passed Jorden Elijah said you have paid the price, others were watching general commercial prophet who were use to an average life. He asked what do you want from me and Elisha replied I want double portion of your spirit. Then Elijah said one last test if you can be focused enough to receive something spiritual id about to happen and as you know mantles do not live the earth it’s against the law of God’s operation, the mantle of Elijah is on Elisha but it’s in the grave because there were no faithful men to receive it. It’s not just in laying on of hand there are seasons of proofing when you receive of the ideology of that man and it would grant you access to his grace, he saw a portal open and he said my father my father the chariot of Israel and the horse men therefore all of a sudden a mantle landed on him, he went back to Jordan and said where is the God of Elijah prove to me that I carry something and the river patted, that means that will path for anyone who carried that grace. It didn’t path because it had parted for Elijah this means that certain mountains will not move until certain graces are engaged. When he came back the prophets said the spirit of Elijah rested on Elisha and they submitted to him.
If there is nobody challenging your level you are living deceit, sit before the present of the great and ask for their secret, ask relevant questions I don’t take the gift of access for granted. Whether your young or old the rule is the same, young people has time but they don’t have wisdom old people has wisdom but they don’t have time. Challenge yourselves to be exception I hate average. Tarry and prepared when you wear tomorrow cloth today you walk naked. No sane man expect comfort in preparation.
1. Survival.
2. Comfort.
3. Luxury.
4. Extravagance.
Luxury is the highest point anything higher than that can destroy you.
There is a difference between speed and rush, there are times the door would be open and he would restrict you entering. The disciples entered the boat and left Jesus and when Jesus was ready he walked on water. I refuse to look successful I pay the price and be successful.
Anyone can be great as long as you can pay the price to sit under the feet of uncommon mentors at their terms. So your life and destiny is at the mercy of preparation. When you compare yourself with small people you would be small. We look forward to the times when the students would build an international complex of ministry we are not talking of this, when the lord showed me the international headquarters of ENI I saw in 2007 a gigantic place glass houses every where with 49 or 51 flat different nations of the world so when the little blessing come I say no sir, forgetting what you have achieved and pressing forward, that your comfortable at that level shows you have started dying.

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